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Shop for Unique Local Items in the Seminole Area.

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Treasure Island Community Center Park If your business suffered fire damage. Need the professional help of SERVPRO for the fire restoration services.

Visit the Treasure Island Friday Morning Market Near Seminole.

The Seminole area community of Treasure Island is celebrating the 13th season of its popular open-air market.  The market, which is held in the Treasure Island Community Center Park every Friday from December through April, next takes place on January 15th, from 9 AM to 2 PM. Attendees have the opportunity to purchase some of the following kinds of unique items from more than fifty different vendors: 

  • Arts & crafts
  • Fair trade items
  • Flea market type offerings
  • Flowers & plants
  • Foodstuffs
  • Fresh produce

Shoppers also enjoy free parking and free admission to the event.  If you are interested in becoming a market vendor, please contact the Treasure Island and Madeira Chamber of Commerce.

Your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches are proud to announce this community market.  At the same time, we would like to remind you of the ever-present risks of a commercial fire.  If your business ever suffers fire damage, call us at (727) 391-6212 for help.

Let Marine Life in North Redington into Your Life

11/26/2020 (Permalink)

sea turtle/ ocean life Enjoy the beauty of the ocean life in North Redington Beach, while SERVPRO works to bring back the beauty of your property after water damage strikes.

At the Beach, on a Kayak, or at the Aquarium, North Redington Residents can Embrace Sea Life Year-round.

One of the beauties about living in the North Redington Beach area is that the water is all around you. Whether you choose to explore it on a kayak or want to spend some quiet fishing time, you only need to walk outside and bask in the warm Florida sun. You can also visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for a more academic view of sea life, just a short drive away. If you are worried about enjoying the brand-new Ruth & J.O. Stone Dolphin Complex, where you can hear the story of Winter and other rescued dolphins, you shouldn’t be. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has taken additional steps to protect its guests at this time, including-

  • Limiting space to allow for social distancing
  • Use of face masks of staff and guests
  • Temperature checks before admission
  • It is best to purchase tickets ahead of time given the reduced capacity guidelines

SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is here to maintain your home or business's beauty, so it matches its beautiful surroundings. Call us at (727) 391-6212 when you need the best water restoration company and we will leave your place “Like it never even happened.”

How Do You Rid Mold from a Business?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Hand peeling wallpaper away, exposing mold Mold can be off-putting to customers. Call an experienced professional. Call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Remediates Commercial Mold Damage for Seminole Businesses Using Professional Mitigation Techniques

What professionals do you need for mold remediation?

Scientists and industrial hygienists can direct remediation services at your Seminole business. However, the heavy lifting is carried out by an applied microbial remediation technician (AMRT). AMRT's can operate under the guidance of an indoor environmental specialist (IEQ) or follow S500 guidelines for mold remediation in commercial settings. The S500 is a framework that the nationally recognized Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) produces for restoration services across the country. SERVPRO technicians are capable of remediating your business safely and responsibly.

How do you manage mold in business premises?

  • Contact a mold remediator to make a notification of loss
  • Inform staff of the affected areas and avoid unnecessary foot traffic
  • Provide any relevant historical information (e.g., flood losses, water damage, etc.) to a mold remediator at the first opportunity

Is it possible to make mold problems worse?

By not enlisting a commercial mold remediator for your Seminole business, the problem is likely to worsen. Cross-contamination may also significantly aggravate an existing microbial growth issue. As a business owner, it is essential to communicate to staff about the dangers of spreading mold by entering or coming into contact with infested areas. You may also want to consider turning off air-conditioning to prevent spreading spores. SERVPRO technicians take extra care to avoid cross-contamination in your business premises. We use engineering controls and strict decontamination and containment criteria.

How do you contain mold growth?

  • Control entry and exit of the affected area to professional remediators only
  • Switch off fans, close windows, turn off air-conditioning or other air-moving devices
  • Attempt to seal the area through tenting or negative air-pressure

Commercial mold in business premises can affect your bottom line. Contact SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212.

How do I Protect my Retail Store After Flood Damage?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

signage of bike and surf shop SERVPRO Swiftly Cleans Up and Extracts Flooding from Your North Redington Beach retail shop

Protect your North Redington Beach Store by Calling a Professional Water Restoration Crew

As you develop your business plan for your North Redington Beach retail store, you may vaguely contemplate the possibility of a flood. Even when it sounds like a far-fetched occurrence, it only takes a torrential downpour to cause water levels to rise,or crack an opening in your roof or window. Regardless of the cause, floodwater is dangerous, and removing it from your store should be your top priority.

In North Redington Beach, flood damage restoration is our area of expertise. At SERVPRO, we focus on your business's needs and act swiftly to prevent prolonged exposure of your store to the elements. Your initial reaction upon viewing the damage may be to contact your insurance company and wait for their response. Still, any delay in extracting water from your home only exacerbates the damage. Call our 24/7 hotline and let us guide you through the process in coordination with your insurance requirements and mitigate your loss.

What are the steps for water removal and flood damage restoration?

Our SERVPRO team is ready to extract water, make minor repairs, and coordinate with other contractors as appropriate while maintaining a safe environment. We understand that remaining operational is vital to your business's continuity, and we do our best to make it happen. Our friendly technicians can count on industry-grade equipment to handle jobs of all sizes, and we sanitize with EPA-approved cleaning solutions. Our expert team knows the steps and sequence to optimize our cleaning efforts. Some aspects of water cleanup you can trust us to cover include-

  • Discarding items beyond repair and isolating those salvageable and cleaning them
  • Deodorizing your store, so there is no lingering smell reminder of the flood
  • Disinfecting with anti-microbial solutions to control the reproduction of bacteria

Whether your flood damage appears big or small, let our team of SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches be your partner in the cleanup process. Call us at (727) 391-6212 as soon as the emergency occurs and let us leave your store "Like it never even happened."

Can Businesses in Seminole Stay Open During Water Restoration?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking from a ceiling tile in a building Water damage can occur from storms or even plumbing issues in your building. If water damage occurs, contact SERVPRO for remediation of the damage.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Mitigation Specialists Work Around the Needs of your Seminole Business to Keep Loss of Revenue to a Minimum.

Why does water damage occur in businesses?

Business owners may need commercial restoration services in Seminole if an area, or areas, of their business, become wet. These issues can occur at any time of year and from a variety of sources. Generally, the busier seasons see more commercial water issues because there is higher usage placed on internal plumbing systems. This usage can increase the overall pressure on a system leading to sewer backup, blockages, or damp spots. Areas of a business that have water exposure require professional restoration to maintain health and safety as well as good relationships with staff and customers. Our water technicians can communicate directly with a premises manager throughout service to find a solution that allows businesses to remain open during minor to moderate water restoration.

Our businesses harder to dry than residential properties?

Business properties tend to have larger spaces with less natural ventilation, requiring special commercial water mitigation techniques to restore your Seminole business adequately. Drying a space relies on controlling humidity, temperature, and air-movement within a closed space. Companies with higher ceilings and more square feet of an indoor area require industrial standard equipment. Sometimes, SERVPRO technicians can counteract larger business spaces by creating drying tents. These tents are designed using polyethylene sheets sealed with sandbags. By attaching a supply hose from an air-mover or portable furnace, we can inflate the canvas to create a smaller drying area concentration. Our technicians frequently use these drying tents when covering large, wet surface areas like fitted carpets in office buildings or stone and masonry flooring.

What equipment is needed for a minor to moderate water spill in commercial business?

  • Extraction equipment either truck-mounted or portable
  • Air-moving equipment and temperature controls like mobile furnaces
  • Dehumidification using refrigerant or desiccant technology

To protect your business, and your bottom line, from water leaks, contact SERVPRO of Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212

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Who Can Help Me Deal with Fire damage in My Daycare Center Quickly?

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

toys at daycare for adding and learning math Fire damage restoration adds up when SERVPRO arrives at your Seminole business for cleanup and restoration

Call SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to Handle the Commercial Fire Damage in Your Seminole Daycare Center

Many children under five years of age spend their daytime hours in childcare centers. Unfortunately, fires occur in these facilities, mostly due to cooking accidents. If your daycare facility in Seminole catches fire, you need help from a restoration firm.

What steps should I take after the fire loss?

After an incident of commercial fire damage at your Seminole childcare center, make sure the children are safe and sound. After that, it is time to assess the damage to the facility. You can document the damage by taking images or videos, which are useful when filing an insurance claim. It is also advisable able to walk around the childcare center and evaluate the structure for possible hazards like instability in walls. Also, inform parents about the fire and if they should pick up their children. (We, at SERVPRO suggest you allow us to do the above first steps in the cleanup and restoration services.)

Children do not respond to stress the same way adults do after a disaster. So, your staff must be familiar with the everyday stress response of minors and the signs of effective coping. You can contact a mental health professional who can help families and children who have problems coping in the aftermath of the disaster.

What can I do to ensure quick recovery and restoration?

A daycare center should strive to return to normal as quickly as possible after a fire. SERVPRO’s high-quality restoration services can allow you to continue providing children with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. Some of the things we can do to restore your childcare center include:

  • Removing burned materials to pave the way for their replacement.
  • Extracting the water that the fire sprinkler system sprayed or the one that firefighters used.
  • Removing moisture from undamaged items and building materials using air moving and dehumidification equipment.
  • Cleaning away the smoke residues that might have settled on toys, walls, furniture, and other items. We wet clean washable surfaces and dry clean porous surfaces.
  • Odor removal using equipment like thermal foggers or products such as odor counteracting beads, deodorant granules or pellets, and sealers.

I am worried about the water on the hardwood floor. How can you extract it effectively?

Water from fire-fighting efforts can cause hardwood floors to buckle or warp. We can extract the water thoroughly by using a hardwood floor drying mat and portable extractors. Typically, we use a hardwood floor drying mat along with hardwood drying systems. We place one or several mats connected together on the hardwood floor and directly attached to the portable extractors.

If a fire has stricken your daycare facility, call the proven experts at SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212. We can dispatch our team immediately to assist you to restore the facility to its preloss condition.

Introducing the Simple Way to Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Seminole

3/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged receiving area When your lobby or any part of your business has water damage, team SERVPRO will respond quickly to your emergency call. Call us today.

Commercial Water Damage Seminole – Community Connections

When disaster strikes, knowing whom to call for assistance can make a massive difference to your business. A fast response is critical to ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum. Water damage can occur at any time affecting your business operations, even causing operations to shut down for an extended period.

SERVPRO provides water damage services in Seminole and surrounding areas. We are involved within the community, supporting local events and maintaining strong ties with local insurance adjusters, the Better Business Bureau, and the Condominium Association Institute. Connections within the community and a reputation for providing professional services efficiently combined with a fast response make our team the number one company to call in an emergency.

Coordination Water Mitigation and Reconstruction

After the water has inundated your commercial property, the initial reaction may be to attempt to manage the situation utilizing employees and avoiding outside assistance. Many commercial owners quickly realize that the professionals are needed with the appropriate equipment to remove the water and moisture before dealing with the damage that has occurred.

SERVPRO can provide skilled technical services as well as the necessary equipment to remove standing water, remove moisture, and dry your commercial space. We deploy in less than four hours and are available 24 hours a day / seven days a week. We are also well connected within the community. We can coordinate with insurance adjusters as well as your subcontractors to begin reconstruction or repairs that may be needed, once your building has been dried.

Our connections within the community and our fast response can help to reduce the total water damage, your downtime, and improve customer service. SERVPRO also offers an Emergency READY Program to assist customers. The creation of the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile is free and provides many significant advantages to our commercial customers. Call us for more information about this great program.

Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve North Redington Beach, Indian Shores, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Damage Goes Away When SERVPRO Arrives at a Seminole Commercial Building

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO VANS AT A JOB SITE Water Problems Leave When SERVPRO Arrives in Seminole

Seminole Office Building Needs Expedited Commercial Water Removal

Security systems are advancing to detection more than intrusions. Many can determine if there are issues such as smoke, fire, or water damage happening and alert the business owner. This alone saves both property and contents because it limits the exposure time.

A Seminole office building needed commercial water removal due to a pipe joint burst within the walls, leaving a large amount of water in the main area and damaged both the walls and flooring.  With the property owner's permission, SERVPRO arranged for a plumber to repair the broken pipes in tandem with the water restoration services.

More Prolonged Exposure Equals More Damage
Because the pipe break happened overnight, copious amounts of water ran within the office and saturated the main hallway. SERVPRO techs used their moisture detection equipment and found seepage behind the baseboards and the sheetrock for a few inches.

The techs removed the baseboards and cut away the damaged sheetrock to open up the wall cavities for drying. The glue-down carpet delaminated from water exposure and needed removal, exposing the slab substrate underneath.

Attention to Extraction
When undertaking water removal, the techs use various types of equipment to ensure the maximum amount of water gets removed. The techs commonly do several passes over the same area and, in this manner, lessen the amount of time needed for drying the property.

Rapid Drying Avoids Secondary Issues
Drying goals are an essential element in the restoration process. The techs take air measurements in other areas of the property to determine a baseline. Lowering the ambient humidity under 46% ensures that mold and musty odors are not an issue after the water loss cleanup completes. The techs use multiple air movers running at once to deliver the maximum amount of airflow to the floor and walls. Because the air blows at high velocity, it causes embedded moisture not previously extracted to rise and get captured by the dehumidification equipment. This cycle continues until the area verifies as dry.

SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 is available 24/7 for commercial water removal and restoration to restore your property to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Seminole Condo Dwellers Appreciate the Fast Storm Damage Mitigation from SERVPRO

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

patio chair on balcony overlooking ocean Relax on Your Seminole Condo Balcony and Let SERVPRO Deal with the Storm Damage

Skillful Management of Commercial Flood Damage in Seminole Condos Helps Hasten Recovery

The different dynamics at play when flooding occurs on Florida"s West Coast require the right approaches to manage. Although soiling is typical in the condo units reached by the floodwaters, such soiling can readily spread to other sections of the property through foot traffic and equipment movement. These incidents of commercial flood damage are better managed when a professional restoration team like SERVPRO is involved.

Regaining control after commercial flood damage affects a Seminole condo depends on the steps taken immediately, and how fast the entire restoration process is carried out. Stopping people from spreading soiling or contamination all over the complex is a matter of priority. Our SERVPRO technicians can use engineering controls such as sealing doorways with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to stop movement in and out of affected areas. We also move-out contents in some areas creating better space for working. Partial move-outs relocate contents from the affected sections of the structure to those unaffected by the flooding.

The presence of standing water in the condo creates many problems, including preventing the completion of other steps such as cleaning. Fast water extraction clears the way and helps limit moisture migration through materials, which can lead to mold development. Our SERVPRO technicians use extractors or pumps to remove the water fast. In case the water contains solids, we use self-priming trash pumps for convenient removal.

Solid wastes accumulate in properties affected by flooding incidents. Typical wastes might include mud, silt, and debris from building materials and contents damaged by the floodwater. For example, drywall deteriorates when exposed to water and crumbles, especially under pressure. Our SERVPRO technicians perform controlled demolition around the building removing all materials that deteriorate from exposure to water or contamination. We then shovel out the solid wastes from the floors for safe disposal.

To regain control after disruption by flooding, you need a skilled hand. Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Assists in Water Damage Remediation for Seminole Businesses

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

empty community center gymnasium Water damage can affect many utilized rooms in your community center. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 365 days a year to take your call.

Addressing Commercial Water Damage in a Seminole Community Center

While water damage is a common occurrence in Florida, one may expect it more often from tropical storms or hurricanes than from a loose seal on a water connector or a damaged pipe joint. Facilities that interface directly with tenants and guests, such as a community center in a condominium complex, must be vigilant to maintain a clean and safe environment for all to enjoy. Without effective professional cleaning that is to code, visitors can risk of exposure to mold and microbes.

If your Seminole facilities need commercial water damage cleanup from sudden plumbing failures, SERVPRO professionals can be at your facility within hours to address issues. The focus is always on restoring your structure to a preloss condition so you can get back to business as usual without worrying about bacterial growth, structural damage, and other complications from water-related disasters.

When SERVPRO comes to your community center, you can expect rapid results from highly-trained technicians. Tables, chairs, and other furniture can be quickly moved to address water damage. While a leaky floor pipe may thoroughly soak the carpet, flooring can be dried in place with a Rover. This device can be thought of as an industrial-grade Segway with a large hose attached to the back to suck up moisture. Not only are Rovers excellent for carpet cleaning, but pad and carpet can be salvaged in small disasters with the help of this piece of equipment.

When it comes to water damage, thorough disinfection is a must, especially for flooring used by dozens of people per day. SERVPRO focuses on using environmentally friendly cleaners that are EPA-registered and OSHA-approved, such as pH-neutral Green Clean for carpets and upholstery. This cleaner is free of dyes, fragrances, and phosphates, and is biodegradable and VOC compliant. If spot cleaning on carpet or furniture is required, Green Clean is one of many tools available to SERVPRO. Cleaning materials like these allow technicians to maintain high standards of cleanliness that are safe for commercial use while minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for visitors.

SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is Faster to Any Size Disaster because speed, efficiency, and thorough education save structures and keep communities safe. If your business requires disaster mitigation at a moment's notice, call (727) 391-6212 today.

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SERVPRO Understands the Need for Fast Flood Damage Remediation for Your North Redington Beach Business

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Building with SERVPRO Trucks Outside A leaky roof cause commercial water damage that we were able to remediate quickly. We are ready and available to restore your business.

Commercial Flood Damage North Redington Beach

When storms come rolling in off the Gulf, North Redington Beach residents prepare for the worst. Still, flooding does breach the best efforts sometimes, forcing them into temporary housing like hotels and motels. What happens, though, when flooding takes out those options as well?

North Redington Beach commercial flood damage, especially in a local hotel or motel, needs a rapid response. Business owners require a professional, experienced team to remediate the effects and return their facilities to a clean, dry condition. As a full-service agency, SERVPRO restoration teams can perform every task needed to help each business reopen for residents and tourists. 

Since flood water contains multiple types of contaminants, restoration technicians start by spraying standing water and nearby surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner to eliminate the health threat and reduce the risk of mold growth. Next, they bring in commercial-grade pumps and other water extraction devices to remove the standing water so the natural evaporation process can begin for every affected item. 

That is not enough, however, for building material like drywall panels. When they absorb enough water, the panels can begin to crack and even crumble while still attached to the wall frame behind them. SERVPRO technicians stop this using a combination of air movers and fans.

Team members first set up the air movers to direct warm, dry air across the surface of the drywall panels and other affected items. The action augments the evaporation process, forcing moisture out and into the surrounding air. As that happens, other technicians set up the fans at exit points to draw the moisture-heavy air out of the interior and direct it outside. 

As the structure dries, more team members clean every surface now uncovered. Technicians have a large inventory of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to choose from, depending on the amount of soil and other contaminants present in the building material and furniture. Cleaning can be accomplished on-site, avoiding the cost and loss of time needed for moving, and possibly storing property. 

At SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches, we serve our community by helping our fellow businesses reopen quickly after flood damage. If your business here, Madeira Beach, or Indian Shores is or has been underwater, call us immediately at (727) 391-6212 to begin restoration. We are here for you every step of the way back. 

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Fun Facts About Flood Damage For Your Seminole Business

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let flood damage to your Seminole home overwhelm you. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Rental Managers Need Reliable Flood Damage Resources in Seminole

Many people have seasonal residences in Seminole or decide to downsize to condos or townhomes in part to pass the responsibility for home maintenance to a professional entity. Property managers seek reliable partners to assist when severe weather causes flooding. Your cleaning and maintenance staff provides high-quality services for day to day tasks, but when a disaster strikes our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team delivers the specialized response you need for your residents.

Seasonal storms expose multi-family residences to flood damage in Seminole from wind, rain, and storm surge. Tropical weather systems in the Gulf can tear off roofs, destroy siding, and break windows and doors, allowing copious quantities of rain to invade the living and common areas of the properties you manage. Our crews arrive with commercial-grade water removal and structural drying equipment instantly available on our service vehicles. Once we secure your complex with tarps and boards, technicians begin water evacuation immediately.

Flood water is by definition contaminated, and SERVPRO is familiar with and follows local rules concerning containment and disposal of the hazardous fluid. Our crew members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow a containment protocol during the cleanup to guard against infection from any pathogens and to prevent the spread of dangerous materials outside the affected areas.

We scan for water migration behind walls, using controlled demolition techniques like weep holes and flood cuts to release the fluid. SERVPRO uses increased access to enhance structural drying efforts. Throughout the drying phase, we monitor the moisture levels of flood-damaged structural components so that we can make informed decisions on the positioning of the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers used to pull moisture out of wet building materials and eventually discard it. Because of the contaminants in the floodwater, we use EPS-registered products to clean and disinfect surfaces.

After water removal and drying SERVPRO arranges for build-back and repair of the damaged exterior from the storm and the controlled demolition done to access trapped water and remove badly deteriorated building materials. Our ability to manage tasks from initial post-storm securing to rehabbing eliminates your need to line up multiple contractors to resolve flood damage in the buildings you manage.

SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches can manage even a substantial flooding loss after tropical storm damage. Call (727) 391-6212 for help from assessment to rebuilding.

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Your Redington Beach Shop Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition After A Fire

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

You can always count on the training and dedication of our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches fire loss specialists.

Protecting Stock In Your Redington Beach Shop After A Fire

As with any of the shops throughout Redington Beach, the greatest investments that you make beyond the time working is in the building and the inventory that you have. When disaster strikes like a fire, this stock can quickly become compromised along with the structural integrity and the safety of the building that houses your shop. To contend with these widespread effects, you must rely on the expertise and fast response of professionals like ours.

Our SERVPRO team has extensive training and continued education to become knowledgeable assets in combating the effects of fire damage in Redington Beach businesses. We know how vital it is to not only protect your investments but to get your doors back open quickly as well. Our technicians we dispatch to your building can identify the full scope of the damage fast so that the appropriate mitigation techniques can begin immediately.

The contents department of our team can note the items and inventory within your shop most at risk for continued or worsening damage. While some of these items generally unaffected by the fire can get restored and stored safely on site, several of these items must get removed to our nearby facility for focused attention and restorative practices. This entire division of our SERVPRO team can help to return individual belongings to their original conditions with extensive cleaning, deodorization, and other approaches.

In situations where the fire got extinguished quickly, much of the stock within the shop only needs deodorization and minimal cleaning where soot and smoke residue lightly spread around. We have multiple tools for deodorization including UV and thermal foggers as well as ozone machines.

Finding the right approach to restoring your property after a fire is not something that many business owners have the skills or specialized equipment to do on their own. You can always count on the training and dedication of our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches fire loss specialists. Give our team a call anytime at (727) 391-6212.

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Seminole Business Owners Know SERVPRO Is the Fire and Smoke Cleanup Pro!

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke Odors and Residues in Your Seminole Office? SERVPRO Can Help

Cleaning Smoke Residue in Your Seminole Office

Fires can present numerous effects to overcome, especially with larger spaces like your Seminole office building. With the large open areas, effects like soot and smoke damage can spread quickly and affect many surfaces and contents throughout the building. Since there is often little time to react in emergencies like this, many of the remaining furniture, cubicles, and devices fall victim to the airborne smoke residue. While our professionals have the expertise and equipment to restore these damaged contents effectively, the approach varies on the type of fire that occurred in the office.

Primarily, there are two types of smoke which can affect the fire damage in your Seminole business. Our SERVPRO professionals have effective strategies to handle wet and dry smoke scenarios, but it begins with an assessment of the damage to determine what equipment and tactic are necessary. From the time that our team arrives, we work quickly to establish the boundaries of the damage and set up containment barriers to keep airborne particulates and harsh odors from continuing to spread throughout unaffected portions of the building.

Dry smoke comes from fires that burn incredibly hot. While this can often spread farther and affect the building more dramatically regarding structural damage, the cleanup of smoke residue is much more efficient and simpler. Dry smoke leaves a residue like a fine powder over surfaces and affected contents, most of which can get wiped up and cleaned with wet or dry sponging. Small portable vacuums offer excellent ash and residue removal from hard surfaces, even fabrics.

The other type of residue that could damage your property after fire comes from wet smoke. This coating is much thicker, and it can leave a sticky film over all of the affected contents and areas. Our SERVPRO professionals must approach the cleanup of this effect much like we do soot damage, and work to remove as much of the buildup on the affected materials without touching the surface. High-powered vacuums are an effective means of doing this. Once the bulk of the film has gotten removed, industrial strength cleaners and wet sponging can clean off the remainder without staining restorable surfaces.

Depending on the type of smoke residue present in your office space, different cleaning approaches are necessary to overcome the effect. Our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches rapid response team can make a fire in your office “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (727) 391-6212.

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Did the Recent Storms Cause Flood Damage to Redington Beach Condos?

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Florida's weather can cause units to flood. SERVPRO is ready to restore your units.

Restoring Your North Redington Beach Condo Units After Floods

Severe weather is something that coastal Floridians along North Redington Beach have become accustomed to experiencing, but with each tropical storm and hurricane, the threat of widespread flooding is a devastating force for residential and commercial properties alike. As the owner of several condo units throughout the area, you are responsible for the upkeep and care of these properties you rent to tenants, and that includes a fast response when emergencies threaten the structural integrity of the building or the safety of those leasing.

As tempting as it might be to handle the recovery of your property on your own, North Redington Beach flood damage is not something that the average property owner can restore on their own. In many cases, there are severe concerns present with the invading water that can put tenants and those working cleanup at risk without the appropriate personal protective equipment. Our SERVPRO team has biohazard training and can safely work debris removal and extraction of your units.ntial to have the same level of care and consideration for each of the affected units. Our professionals arrive with production vehicles loaded with extraction and drying equipment to quickly mitigate damage in properties and protect the contents of each condo individually. We have a large facility where these removed items can get thoroughly dried, cleaned, disinfected, and stored until it is safe to return them to the restored property.

To avoid displacing your tenants for long, you need mitigation and restoration work that happens quickly after the emergency. Our SERVPRO team offers a 24-hour response to disasters and can help to prepare each unit for the reconstruction needs that they need to get restored entirely. With this preparation, reconstruction can begin quickly to help your tenants get back to what they call home.

Flooding can be a devastating force, especially when you have multiple properties that require attention. Give our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches rapid response team a call at (727) 391-6212 to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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North Redington Beach Storm Help from SERVPRO

12/1/2018 (Permalink)

Hang Out at Your Favorite North Redington Beach Laundromat After a Storm Thanks to SERVPRO

Severe Seasonal Storms Can Cause Flood Damage to Your North Redington Beach Laundromat  

Hurricanes are no stranger to Florida but, unfortunately, they are known to cause extensive flood damage. What is fortunate is that not all storms cause catastrophic damage and tear buildings down completely. Sometimes a change in winds can slow them dramatically and turn them into a much lesser threat. However, even when classified as a less severe storm, they can still cause significant enough damage to warrant calling for professional help.

When the storm hit during the night, the rushing waters and debris broke the glass doors of your North Redington Beach laundromat and caused flood damage. By the end of the night, the rains subsided, but your business had gained six inches of water inside of it that didn't use to be there. It is essential for you to get help as soon as you possibly can, as leaving the water for an extended period can cause further complications to your property. It only takes seventy-two hours for microbial growth to begin once the structure of your property has been exposed to an excess of moisture.
At SERVPRO, we understand how essential it is for you to get the doors open of your laundromat once more. When you call us, we can immediately send a team out to your establishment with advanced trade technology, which can let them combat the flood damage inside. Upon arriving, SERVPRO can immediately begin to focus on removing the flood waters from inside, knowing that floods can carry contaminants in their waters that are dangerous to your health.
Our SERVPRO technicians can use an antimicrobial agent to help limit contaminants from spreading and to create a safe work environment. From there, we can use trunk-mounted wet/dry vacuums and extractors to remove the significant volume of water from your business rapidly. Once it is gone, we can clean the inside of your laundromat, and remove any debris from inside, and make flood cuts to the walls, removing any areas that have been damaged and contaminated.
As a business owner, we understand that you may be worried about your industrial grade washers and dryers.  We can help you create an insurance claim to secure the coverage you deserve.
Never wait to get help when your business experiences flood damage. Use the number (727) 391-6212 to reach out and contact SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches. Day or night, our technicians are available to assist your business so you may reopen your doors swiftly.

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SERVPRO Are The Professionals To Call When Water Damage Strikes Your Business

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Our team has the tools and experience to mitigate water damage "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage Services In Redington Beach Can Restore Your Business

The main water line to the sink in the bathroom of your party supply shop broke overnight, and now water stands on the floor in the bathroom and storage area. Luckily, there are only a few inches of excess water. Contacting professionals can get you back in full operation fast. A quick response is essential to eliminating extensive damage to the floor and the contents kept inside the storeroom.

Our trained SERVPRO commercial water damage team in Redington Beach can handle these kinds of situations. We know that you rely on a steady flow of customers to make a profit. Fortunately, it appears that your store can remain open while our team works in the back areas of the shop. However, our technicians may ask you to shut-down business operations at any time during the restoration period.

Our SERVPRO technicians can employ vacuums, pumps or portable extractors to remove the water fast. When drying the affected areas, there are several pieces of equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers and axial fans our team can use to eliminate moisture quickly. These industrial machines dry the atmosphere fast and help increase moisture evaporation inside the structure, which also speeds up drying. It is our goal to get businesses back in operation as soon as possible and to achieve that goal with minimal disruption to daily routines.

If we deem it necessary to pack-out some of the contents in the storeroom, you can expect our skilled crew to categorize every item carefully they remove. Plus, we can tag and use a bar-code system to keep an accurate track of all contents we take from the store. Having accurate records of the merchandise we pack-out can also help with your insurance claim. You can depend on us to safely store your contents in a secure location on or off-site until we complete the restoration.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When possible, SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches commercial water damage restoration services can return your business to its preloss condition. Call us 24/7 at (727) 391-6212. We are always here to help.

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Commercial Flood Damage And Your Redington Beach Nail Salon

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Your nail salon can suffer long-lasting and highly detrimental effects in circumstances involving commercial flood damage.

Commercial Flood Damage

Small businesses in Redington Beach can sustain costly damage from severe weather events, and in many cases, small business owners find it much more challenging to recover afterward than larger businesses. If small businesses want to recover after these disasters, they must prepare for such possibilities beforehand. A lack of preparedness can mean failure for smaller businesses and sole proprietorships.

Your nail salon in Redington Beach can suffer long-lasting and highly detrimental effects in circumstances involving commercial flood damage. The harm brought on by a devastating situation like flooding can cause an unprepared business to close forever, costing you all your hard work, leaving your employees jobless, and disappointing your clients. National Preparedness Month is this September, and we at SERVPRO want to help all businesses in our community, including yours, learn how to become more likely to withstand disasters.

The site holds several tips for businesses that can make remaining in business easier to achieve after a disaster. SERVPRO also has a free service to help you prepare for flooding and the damage it can cause, as well as other disasters like fire. If you need assistance, we can help you in completing the READY Plan Profile. Preparing for disasters does not mean they can never happen, but being prepared means you add time to your side, lessening the damaging effects sustained.

The technicians at SERVPRO train intensively to earn certifications from the IICRC. When we arrive at your nail salon, we come prepared to mitigate the damage and clean up the effects of flood damage. We work as quickly as possible to keep damage from spreading. This happens easily because of evaporation and condensation.

Extracting the moisture from your entire salon includes office spaces, bathrooms, and storage areas. Cavities and dead spaces can also hold copious amounts of hidden water. We use moisture readers to locate these areas, as well as continually monitor the air's water vapor load.

Your preparation for such debilitating disasters increases our effectiveness significantly. SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is always ready to mitigate flood damage after it occurs in Madeira Beach and Indian Shores. Call us at (727) 391-6212 when you need our services.

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Remediating Commercial Water Damage In Madeira Beach Businesses

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Madeira Beach commercial water damage can also take much time depending on the type of business affected.

Remediating Commercial Water Damage

Despite the destruction of last year’s storms, Madeira Beach business owners know that more damage every year is caused by faulty sprinklers, rusted pipes, and failed appliances like freezers or dishwashers. Clean up after something like this is not as involved after a hurricane, but the costs can still be high for each incident.

Madeira Beach commercial water damage can also take much time depending on the type of business affected. For example, the owner of a café with an attached gift shop has to worry about the loss of expensive kitchen equipment, food loss, and be concerned about damaged inventory like t-shirts and other souvenir items like postcards. This wide range of damage needs a professional restoration company to reduce losses and quickly reopen doors to customers. SERVPRO is that company.

Our first task is to remove the water and stop any more from entering the business. Our technicians can turn off the water and even repair minor issues like replacing a hose on a dishwasher or a short section of pipe. For major problems like a faulty sprinkler, the homeowner always needs to call in a licensed plumber.

After stopping the water, our restoration team works two problems together. As technicians begin removing water, other SERVPRO team members remove property from the affected area and set it on pallets or blocks. They move the property to allow water to drain and prevent those items from absorbing more. With them out of the way, technicians use pumps and water extraction wands to draw down any standing water.

These actions reduce the amount of water that absorbs into or otherwise affects property stationed or stored on the floor. In kitchen areas, this gets water out from under stoves and other appliances so our team members can set-up fans to increase air circulation and air movers to force warm, dry air underneath them and speed up drying. It also helps to prevent the linoleum from loosening from the floor and forming air bubbles under the surface.

If the inventory our teams move is clothing, they can bring in racks to hang items and use fans to circulate air around and dry them before colors can run or they develop an odor from exposure to too much water.

The goal at SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is to help every business reopen as quickly as possible, and so customers and employees can operate in a dry, safe environment. If you have water damage in your facility, call us today at (727) 391-6212 to get started on the restoration.

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Why Professional Flood Restoration is The Best Choice For Your Redington Beach Shop

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Your shop has to be dry and smell great to get business. Contact SERVPRO immediately should your commercial building sustain water damage.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly With Equipment to Dry Out Your Flooded Property

As a shop owner in Redington Beach, your building gets likely moderately prepared for the possibility of severe weather systems that roll in from the coast. While the structure could get reinforced for this possibility, these precautions do not account for gale force winds, flying debris, hail, and torrential downpours. When the exterior of your shop becomes compromised by any of the occurrences mentioned above, you run the risk of flooding inside of your shop.

While you might not be a complete stranger to the possibility of commercial flood damage to your Redington Beach shop, it does not make it any less challenging when you get faced with the effects. Fortunately, with SERVPRO, you do not have to face these damages by yourself.

One of the primary concerns with damage like this is the hazard it presents to the structural integrity of the building itself. The longer that pooling water seeps into walls, floors, and other surfaces, the more damage it ultimately causes. When our SERVPRO team arrives at your business, we set out immediately to assess the damage that you face and to begin work on reducing the threat of these damages getting worse.

Extraction plays a critical role in the restoration process, which typically gets accomplished by combining the efforts of a pump truck from our fleet along with wet-vacs fitted with extraction wands. Drying via industrial strength air movers and dehumidification equipment follows this process, and allows our technicians to see if structural weaknesses and unsalvageable damage exists to construction materials.

While we work to limit the need for replacement and reconstruction, it is not always a guarantee. With flooding, flooring materials are often irreparably damaged (at least in part) and require removal and subsequent replacement from a commercial contractor before the restoration can complete.

When you are facing flood damages within your shop, you do not have to try and take care of the pooling water on your own. Call in the professionals we have at SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 at (727) 391-6212.

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What to Expect During Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Your Redington Shores Store

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

If your business experiences water damage, you can trust on SERVPRO to thoroughly extract the water, dry out your space, and eliminate any odors.

Trust SERVPRO for Expert Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to your store can be disastrous. Not only does the restoration process cost you money, but you lose business during the restoration process itself. That said, the restoration process is not easy after a water damage incident. The time required for the restoration can depend on the extent and severity of the damage. It is of great value for a store owner to understand the process itself to better prepare for the things to come in such a scenario.

The first and perhaps the most important thing to do after water damage to your Redington Shores store is to call in the professionals. The earlier they can come to your establishment, the quicker they can get their job done. Here is a broad overview of events that you can expect to unfold during the restoration process.

Extraction of Water

The first thing to do is to extract any liquid water from the premises. SERVPRO professionals can use equipment called extractors to get this job done. The professionals can use different capacity extractors based on the volume of water to be extracted. For smaller volumes, a hand-held extractor might work, while for larger volumes, truck-mounted extractors may be needed.

Eliminating the Residual Moisture

Once the water has been removed from your establishment, the technicians start eliminating the remaining moisture left behind. It is crucial to eliminate this moisture as soon as possible as it can cause many secondary problems including mold, if not addressed.

Our IICRC certified technicians use several types of equipment to eliminate the remaining moisture from the premises. Some of the equipment includes dehumidifiers and air movers. While dehumidifiers eliminate the moisture by trapping it from the air and converting it into liquid water, the air movers improve the speed of drying.

A strategic combination of both these equipment speeds up the drying process and reduces the time for the restoration.

Eliminating Odor

Odor can be a massive problem for many businesses. Customers do not want to shop in a place that smells weird. As a result, the third and final step in the restoration process is odor elimination. Technicians use multiple methods and equipment to eliminate the odor left behind by the water damage.

The time required to complete all these steps depend on the extent and nature of the damage.

Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 today to learn more and for a free consultation.

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Qualified Water Removal Services Available for Your Redington Beach Business

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is here to answer the call when local hotels need water damage restoration services with the latest technology and techniques.

SERVPRO is Dedicated to Restoring Your Commercial Property "Like it Never Even Happened"

After a significant water issue, it is imperative to dry water damaged contents and structural components as quickly as possible. In the past, limitations in technology made the water removal process in your Redington Beach hotel slow, often resulting in the removal and replacement of damaged carpeting, furniture, drywall, and even bedding in large-scale situations.

With advances in technology today, our quality restoration company has access to a variety of water removal equipment that can help restore your Redington Beach property and its contents with minimal interruptions or losses. Expertly trained technicians can respond 24-hrs a day, 7-days a week, to any size problem that you may encounter and get things under control much sooner than before.

SERVPRO technicians have access to LGR Dehumidifiers that help reduce your buildings relative humidity to as low as 10%, removing excess moisture from the air, speeding up the entire removal and drying process. Damages caused by mold, swelling, and prolonged exposure lessens considerably while new methods such as wall cavity drying techniques allow for water removal in hard to reach places.

SERVPRO uses a variety of water extraction equipment to remove water related to storms or floods, as well as any exposure caused by plumbing issues or fire prevention efforts. Our technicians give you access to advanced tools and techniques that make restoring your hotel to a quality preloss condition, easier while significantly reducing any losses you may experience.

Regardless of the problem, you are facing, SERVPRO has the solutions you need. We have professional training, expertise, and vast resources available to provide local business owners the attention and detail oriented services they deserve. 

We are proud to serve as active members of our local community, put value in our relationships with our customers and work hard to keep your business running smoothly. We are locally owned and operated, giving us the ability to respond, “Faster To Any Size Disaster.”

Contact SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches for access to fully-certified IICRC technicians, along with the cleanup and restoration services necessary to get things back on track, today. (727) 391-6212

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Why You Need Professional Help In Tackling Commercial Water Damage To Your Seminole Restaurant?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Unfortunately, your Seminole restaurant is not immune to flooding and the resulting water damage.

Commercial Water Damage To Your Restaurant

A flooded restaurant is an ominous sign for a business. Unfortunately, your Seminole restaurant is not immune to flooding and the resulting water damage. However, the good news is if you seek professional help, it is possible to minimize the structural damage and get your business back on track.

Here at SERVPRO, we have a team of expert technicians who have years of experience managing and restoring commercial water damage. We use state-of-the-art technologies to get your Seminole restaurant up and running in no time. Our technicians have certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Commercial Drying that prepare them to handle any size disaster with ease.

Water damage to your restaurant can not only result in structural damage and loss of business, but it can also have long-term consequences if not appropriately restored. Secondary damage due to residual moisture is quite common in flooded restaurants. If the moisture is not promptly and completely removed, it can create a conducive atmosphere for mold growth as well.

SERVPRO technicians use some of the best and highly efficient equipment to get rid of the residual moisture as entirely and efficiently as possible. We use a multi-step approach to minimize secondary damage and get your restaurant in working condition as quickly as possible.

Our technicians are also trained in handling contaminations due to busted sewer lines and water lines. It is especially crucial for a restaurant to get the contamination under control, and our decontamination protocols are designed to achieve just that. We understand the importance of cleanliness in the restaurant business, and our technicians work tirelessly to help you pass any inspection with ease. We also make an inventory of any contaminated food items and dispose of them following standard industrial protocol as well. We understand that your business is essential to you and our experts work with you to find a way to keep your business open while we take care of the problem.

Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 today, to speak to one of our commercial water damage restoration experts. We can help you get your restaurant cooking and serving in no time!

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Contacts For Your North Redington Beach Hotel’s Water Damage Plan

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Hotels and Guests Happy with Rapid Water Removal in North Redington Beach

The SERVPRO ERP Plan Helps Prevent and Mitigate Damage

Water damage is a nightmare for any hotelier. Each establishment has lots of soft furnishings such as drapes and bed linen, along with carpets, upholstered furniture, and mattresses. As a result, even a small leak or spill can quickly cause damage to expensive items, resulting in a massive cleaning bill. There is also the stress of dealing with guests and potential harm to their personal effects, and some rooms might have to be closed off until cleaning is complete. We recommend all local hotel owners to draw up a water damage plan to prepare for an incident before it occurs.

The easiest way for North Redington Beach business owners to put together a water damage plan is by using SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Profile program. ERP is a free app that you download and use as a guide to assessing your premises and planning for what to do in an emergency. You can also link ERP to your nearest SERVPRO representative, so it is easy to get help in a hurry.
One aspect of drawing up your Emergency Ready Profile is filling out all the phone numbers staff might need when a leak occurs. We suggest filling in numbers for:
•The building owner
•The person who has the authority to authorize any repairs
•The hotel’s risk manager
•Any other emergency contacts within the company
•The next person in the chain of command.
•Structural and contents insurance brokers
•Internet and phone providers
•Flooring, HVAC, and elevator companies
•An electrician and a plumber
Including each of these people on your list ensures that your staff can handle every aspect of the situation quickly and easily.
We also suggest adding your local SERVPRO number – We're Faster To Any Size Disaster to your North Redington Beach hotel and are equipped to help with water removal and water damage mitigation. The sooner we arrive at your establishment, the sooner we can remove water and start the drying process.
For help with water damage in Redington Beach, Madeira Beach, Indian Shores and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 today.

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How To Get A Motel Room Back Into Circulation After Mold Damage In Seminole

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold damage is bad news for any motel owner.

Mold Damage In A Motel Room

Mold damage is bad news for any motel owner. A room that has mold cannot be let out to guests, which means you cannot make a profit from it. Even worse, if a guest notices mold in a motel room, you are looking at a dissatisfied customer, poor reviews on Yelp or Trip Advisor, and potential damage to your motel’s reputation.

It is clear that quick action is necessary to restore any Seminole motel room and remediate mold damage. As well as the risk to your reputation, mold might damage your motel room and the furnishings inside it. The more damage mold does, the more costly and time consuming the cleanup operation. You also need to consider the cost of replacing damaged soft furnishings, drapes or carpets. That is why we recommend calling SERVPRO at once – We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our IICRC-certified experts arrive ready to assess the fungus situation and ascertain the best course of action. We use moisture meters, penetrating moisture probes, and thermal hygrometers to give us an overview of how wet the room is, and how deeply the moisture has penetrated walls, floors, and carpets. You can rely on us to assess the area thoroughly and pay attention to every inch from around the windows to inside the closets.

Once the extent of the damage is evident, our technicians establish containment to prevent spores traveling to other parts of the motel. We tackle the mold with a range of tried and tested cleaning actions, including wire brushing, wiping with detergents, dusting, scrubbing, and HEPA vacuuming. HEPA vacuums use tight woven filters that trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size or bigger.

Mold remediation does not stop with cleaning the fungus. We also use venting fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers to dry out your motel room. We train our technicians in the fastest and most efficient way to dry under and around beds, closets, chairs and vanity tables. We monitor every stage of the drying process to make sure we reach the drying goal.

You can rely on SERVPRO technicians, to be honest about what can is salvageable and what is not. We safely dispose of anything that is not salvageable. We understand that you need to get your motel room back in circulation as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 for help.

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Burst Pipe Need Not End The Party Fun in Seminole

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let your patrons find another place to spend their money. Keep your entertainment center open after flooding by calling SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Offers Many Types of Response Options After a Disaster at Your Entertainment Center

Residents and holiday visitors alike enjoy the snacks and games available at your entertainment center. A plumbing emergency threatens to stop the festivities, flooding the building and causing fear of a long-term shut-down. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment to make short work of this water emergency.
A burst pipe spells commercial flood damage disaster to your Seminole game arcade and restaurant. Rather than risk even a short shutdown, make an appointment to have your disaster response needs assessed. Developing a comprehensive plan to address issues arising from a flood or other destruction is straightforward. You work with an experienced project manager and fill out all critical information on a mobile app. When disaster strikes, the team follows the blueprint collaboratively written to ensure your business is protected and back online as soon as possible.
SERVPRO offers the Emergency Ready Program (ERP), both Profile and Plan, to streamline its response to any disaster. Maps of your physical layout and identification of key shut off valves and other utility information help workers stop the flow of water and keep responders safe. The many electrical connections in your space may mean the power is unavailable when the technicians first arrive. This full-service company has truck mounted pumps, extractors, and other drying equipment, so your current connection issues are irrelevant.
Crews pump and extract the water and then set up air movers and dehumidifiers, monitoring moisture levels throughout the areas and the time spent. You inform SERVPRO, during the development of the Emergency Ready Plan what your priorities are and they take care of each in order. This allows you to establish the spaces that you hope to get back into business soonest, so you close for only a minimal time. The team can barricade problem areas and continue work there so that other parts of your business are in operation.
Working with SERVPRO both before and after a flood is a smart business decision. Make your needs known to one of the most experienced and reliable restoration companies in the industry.
SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches meets all your flooding and water damage needs. Call us at (727) 391-6212 to schedule a no-obligation assessment and develop an individualized Emergency Ready Profile and Plan.

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Country Clubs Face Major Profit Losses when Commercial Mold Damage Happens in Seminole

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold found at your club or facility needs to be dealt with correctly right away. Call SERVPRO quickly for our technicians to investigate.

Quick Response to Mold Damage at Your Club is How We Get Your Facility Rapidly Remediated

Having a management role in a country club can be a wonderful position, but it comes with lots of responsibility. Making sure that the grounds are well-manicured, those indoor recreational areas are kept clean, and everything else is running as it should be can take lots of time and effort.
Finding that your Seminole facility has commercial mold damage can be a disaster. Not only might guests fear the worst, such as contamination of their belongings and subsequent contamination of their homes, but mold can be downright ugly even to see. Patrons who have breathing difficulties might be very upset to find that a mold situation exists. Answering their questions can become time-consuming. We can help alleviate this fiasco in its entirety and do so quickly, easily, and relatively painlessly.
Because mold can travel throughout a building via air filtration systems, locating all areas where mold is more likely to be found is easily done with a hygrometer. This device will locate areas that have higher readings of moisture. Mold needs moisture to grow, so there is no need to look in areas that are dry.
Some areas, such as locker rooms and showering facilities, are often much more prone toward developing mold damage, while others, such as the pro shop, might be less likely to be stricken with mold growth. However, we always examine anywhere that might be harboring mold. There are many times when we find mold that is hiding in surprising locations!
Running a large facility for clientele with diverse interests can be challenging, but we at SERVPRO know that the stability of the environment needs to be just that – stable. When a possible risk to health is found, remediation is the only answer to continuing to remain operational.
As we work, we know that it is crucial to your peace of mind that guests and club members are not disturbed. We have experience in remediation in large facilities, including hospitals, where it was necessary to work alongside patients and hospital staff, all while remaining out of the way.
For any problems your facility has with commercial mold damage, just call us. We are SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.” Just call us, 24/7, at (727) 391-6212.