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How Mold Damage Devours Seminole Home Surfaces

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee in PPE in a mold damaged bathroom Bathrooms in Seminole are vulnerable to mold damage because they are usually warm and wet – conditions favorable for mold growth.

Seminole SERVPRO Mold Mitigation Provided by Knowledgeable, Trained Technicians

While tackling mold removal can often seem feasible enough for Seminole property owners, DIY solutions can expose occupants to spores which can cause health effects. Moreover, dislodging spored without the proper safeguards can unintentionally spread them throughout the property and create additional damages.

Seminole SERVPRO mold mitigation professionals render cleanup and repair services around the clock. These technicians are trained to safely handle microbes and prevent them from spreading throughout the property during remediation.

How Mold Damages Home Structures and Contents

Mold seeps into and eats away at structural materials by exuding digestive enzymes that gradually break down these materials.

  • Wood surfaces, including wall framing, can often be restored after mold exposure, but extensive microbe proliferation can cause staining.
  • Finished ceramic tile and masonry are restorable and often unaffected by microbes. Grout, however, is much more porous and more likely to need replacement after microbial exposure.
  • Drywall impacted by mold to the point that it is crumbling, bubbling, or sagging is more economical to replace than repair. However, controlled demolition of only unsalvageable areas minimizes replacement expenses.

SERVPRO technicians cannot guarantee total mold removal, but they can remediate microbe populations to pre-disaster levels that are safe and sanitary for residential spaces.

SERVPRO Mold Mitigation Processes Halt the Damage and Help Property Owners Save

SERVPRO’s responsiveness and training are crucial for ensuring that homes are restored to a pre-disaster state. Still, their commercial-grade tools and EPA-registered biocide solutions allow them to carry out necessary mitigation and restoration tasks. This team’s restoration loadout is designed to perform per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards.

Some of the tools SERVPRO uses in a typical mold damage scenario may include: 

  • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture sensors and meters and thermal imaging cameras can peer behind walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • When used over open wall cavities, vents, and doorways, polyethylene sheeting and tape can prevent mold spores from migrating to other rooms or through ductwork.
  • SERVPRO personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for mitigating mold without the accidental spread of spores. Equipment, including bodysuits, shoe coverings, respirators, and gloves, protects technicians during remediation and can be decontaminated in designated spaces for additional safety.
  • Moisture extraction tools, including portable and truck-mounted units, remediate moisture than can exacerbate microbial growth. This process uses a combination of vacuuming, heating, and pumping systems to address the excess water on various surfaces. While most may only need the vacuum component, salvageable porous contents like drapes and upholstery may require the other two systems.
  • Drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidification units, are carefully positioned to control relative humidity in the air and specific humidity on surfaces. Air movement pulls moisture off wet surfaces like flooring and drywall and pushes it toward the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier then passes this air over surfaces like refrigerant coils or silica gel to create condensation, isolated and collected for disposal.
  • HEPA-filter vacuums and air scrubbers help control mold spore travel by lowering air pressure and collecting loose spores that fall to the ground. This process ensures safer and more thorough mitigation of mold populations.

SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches renders 24/7 mitigation and restoration services that return homes to a “Like it never even happened” state. Contact the team at (727) 391-6212 for emergency-response inspection and cleanup.

Detecting Home Water Damage in Seminole Walls and Ceilings

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in front of an apartment building If your Seminole home has an unexpected water damage emergency, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Water Restoration Techs Can Restore Water Damaged Seminole Structures

Home water damage can go undetected for days, weeks, months, or even longer and can leave extensive damage in its wake. While Seminole homeowners can take steps to lower risk or detect damage early, restoration professionals can fix the damage more thoroughly when it does occur.

SERVPRO water damage cleanup for Seminole properties focuses on remediating damage following a homeowner's insurance policy while helping property owners save on repair and replacement costs incurred by moisture exposure. SERVPRO responds to calls day and night to ensure that service is as timely as it is comprehensive.

How To Detect Moisture in Walls and Ceilings

Many instances of water damage have easily-discerned causes, like leaky under-sink plumbing or washing machine supply line perforations. However, other leaks and issues require a more careful eye to detect.

  • One of the most immediate giveaways of water damage to walls and ceilings is noticeably elevated humidity in the home, which a distinct musty odor can accompany.
  • Drywall that is visibly damaged, stained, or features bubbling and peeling paint is almost certainly suffering from moisture damage in a wall cavity. Push on it very slightly to see if it feels soft or fragile.
  • Look behind appliances where possible for damage to walls or ceilings. Water heaters, dishwashers, and refrigerators are prone to potential leaks that can impact drywall and baseboards, and flooring.
  • Check attics for signs of water damage that can trickle down to the lower floors. Sagging ceilings are often the result of water damage coming from above.
  • Consider installing moisture sensors around the home in vulnerable areas. Many wireless systems can send warnings directly to homeowners' phones.

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after damage begins, so take care when performing these inspections to minimize the risk of potential health effects. SERVPRO can inspect a home with powerful inspection tools calibrated explicitly for drywall, wood, and other water damaged surfaces.

SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage and Salvages Impacted Walls and Ceilings

SERVPRO technicians can respond to calls for moisture mitigation with a full suite of restoration tools that specifically target moisture. This repertoire includes air movement and dehumidification equipment, moisture extractors, and odor control tools that can mitigate moisture odors that affect the comfort of a home. 

To save structural materials like drywall, SERVPRO can:

  • Inspect sheetrock with penetrating and non-penetrating moisture measurement tools.
  • Carefully remove baseboards and unsalvageable segments of drywall with controlled demolition practices. Ceilings may require the addition of weep holes for moisture removal.
  • Temporarily remove salvageable insulation from an external wall cavity for drying and reimplementation.
  • Establish containment with sealed polyethylene drying chambers in open spaces for more efficient drying
  • Sanitize water-damaged wall studs and ceiling joists with EPA-registered biocides

Water restoration tactics prepare spaces for restoration to a clean, pre-disaster state ready for repairs. SERVPRO can perform such tasks as reinstalling or replacing baseboards, repairing damaged drywall, and preventing further damage to framing by drying and sealing wood stained by water damage. Technicians can also paint surfaces and deploy wet foggers for deodorization, among other services that improve a home's comfort after a disaster.

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and can take homeowners' calls 24 hours a day. Call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 for fast-responding inspection, mitigation, and rebuilding services.

Dealing with Fire Damage in a Seminole Home

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee packing contents after fire damage You can depend on our SERVPRO teams to clean up and restore your Seminole property, and personal belongings after fire damage.

SERVPRO Helps Homeowners Save Time and Money on Claims Filing and Fire Cleanup

Even small fires can leave behind potentially expensive damages. HVAC systems, tile grout, appliances, and electronics often need soot cleanup to prevent potential corrosion caused by moisture exposure. Fire damage suppression can exacerbate this and make soot even more challenging for Seminole homeowners to clean and document safely for insurance claims. However, there is a firm available to help with all of these issues and more.

Seminole SERVPRO fire restoration professionals can perform documentation and cleanup before claims adjusters arrive. This service helps homeowners file their proof of loss claims and return their property to a safe and comfortable condition as quickly as possible. SERVPRO restoration strategies comply with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for fire cleanup.

How to Handle Fire Damage After it Occurs

Regardless of where the damage happens, homeowners are encouraged to secure the safety of occupants first and foremost. After the fire has been suppressed and occupants are guaranteed safe, homeowners can:

  • Call their insurer as soon as possible. The more quickly a claim is filed, the more quickly property owners can be compensated for damages caused by the flames. Insurance agents can also guide you through securing temporary lodgings as needed.
  • Another step that can aid a claim is getting a copy of the report from the local fire department.
  • If possible, take pictures of damages after the fire department has determined that the home is safe to enter. Collect necessary paperwork and valuables from the residence and medication packaging. Do not consume medication affected by the fire–instead, secure replacements for affected prescriptions.
  • Avoid food, cosmetics, toiletries, and other consumable items affected by a house fire. High temperatures and smoke damage often compromise these contents and render them unsafe for use.

SERVPRO can arrive on the scene and begin cleanup before claims adjusters arrive. Technicians coordinate with insurance companies to perform cleanup and restoration services per homeowners’ needs and coverage.

SERVPRO’s Fire Cleanup Process Includes Documentation and Warehouse Storage

When SERVPRO professionals begin work on a home fire, they inspect surfaces and take pictures of structures and contents. Photo and video documentation are also supplemented by SERVPRO’s electronic and paper inventory records, typically used during pack-outs. 

During a pack-out, SERVPRO professionals can:

  • Pack restorable contents room by room
  • Take inventory of items as they are packed for ease of searching later
  • Move packed items to an approved SERVPRO warehouse
  • Perform restoration of belongings per IICRC protocols
  • Allow homeowners access to valuables, documents, and more that they urgently need with the help of the highly-organized inventory system.

SERVPRO pack-out services allow technicians at the property to focus on restoring the structure as thoroughly as possible. Steps to this end include careful debris removal, soot mitigation with everything from dry cleaning sponges to abrasion blasting, and rebuilding services like drywall installation and flooring repair. 

Restoration services also include odor control and water removal for fire suppression that is implemented before soot cleanup begins. Simultaneous cleanup of structures onsite and contents off-site can quickly and thoroughly return a Seminole home to a clean and safe condition.

When homeowners need 24/7 service, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Property owners can call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches for their restoration needs at (727) 391-6212.

What To Do When Your Condo Suffers Water Damage in Redington Shores

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

a blue bucket on the floor of a living room catching water that is leaking from the ceiling When leaks plague your living space, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and remediation services.

Simple, Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration Post Water Intrusion

Water damage can strike anyone who is unlucky enough to encounter it, and those situations can swiftly spin out of control. Typically, while staying at a Redington Shores beachside condo, you would expect water to remain in the ocean. However, this is not always the case. When the unit above is continually leaking water through the ceiling that homeowner should be notified to stop the water flow and you also want to take action to protect your property. Such a situation easily brings feelings of frustration but, rest assured, a helping hand is never far in these cases.

SERVPRO is nearby and can promptly get to the scene. Our technicians are trained to handle the damaging water on the Redington Shore condo quickly and efficiently, so the loss is kept to the most minimal amount possible. From there, we will thoroughly inspect the property and sort through what is salvageable and what is not.

Once our SERVPRO technicians arrive, we can immediately begin working on your property and ridding it of the water damage caused by the leaking. We can dry out what is safe to keep and, in doing so, save whatever is not beyond repair. We do this through the use of equipment like air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers.

Once we have isolated what is not possible to spare, SERVPRO can tear out the overly damaged sections of your property, always doing just what is necessary. While we do not install new structures or materials, we can work in conjunction with another company who can do these installations. As soon as it is possible, we can return your residence to its preloss state.

SERVPRO can work quickly and efficiently to remedy all of the water damage on your property. Once finished, we can point you in the right direction to ensure that you take the appropriate precautions to make sure that further damage does not impact your home. We aim to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

When faced with water damage on your property, do not remain idle. 24/7, contact SERVPRO of Seminole and Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212.

Pinellas County's Water Removal Team Tackles Damage Inside Attics

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

a person standing on a ladder that is leading up to the attic Excess moisture in your attic can quickly turn into a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 to assess the water damage in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians are Ready to Remediate Water Damage in Any Part of Your Home

One area of a house located in Pinellas County that can be at risk of problems is your attic. In some construction plans, water pipes or appliances that use water are present inside the small space above the living section of your home. The condensation pan of your HVAC system can clog causing moisture to escape. Humidifiers in your attic can break, or water heaters can get ruptured. In many cases, materials in the attic get wet when your roof is damaged and leaks.

High-speed winds, ice, and hail can all destroy roofing materials and create problems in the top section of your building. When our local SERVPRO experts develop the initial water removal plan in Pinellas County, we start by inspecting your roof. We see how severely damaged shingles and other roofing materials got as a result of the incident. We determine what it takes for the source of the moisture to be repaired temporarily or permanently. Once the water stops entering from the issue, we begin extracting and drying out moisture.

In some cases, standing water can sit on top of insulation or ceiling materials. If this is the case, then our SERVPRO professional team extracts as much water out of the small region as possible. Extraction can be both relatively easy or difficult depending on how easy the affected section is to access. In most scenarios, our specialized IICRC certified equipment and techniques can get implemented to remove excessive moisture.

Sometimes, your ceiling's drywall will become saturated and sag or crumble and fall. If this happens, the ceiling gets removed before rapid drying can take place. Once the attic is exposed from the inside of the structure, any insulation gets removed, and drying equipment gets set up to dry out structural components.

Some types of insulation such as fiberglass can be dried out and saved. Other kinds of insulation lose their "R" value when they get saturated. If the affected section of insulation is large, our SERVPRO technicians can use a vacuum to suck up the loose particles. If the wet sector is minuscule, we can remove the material and put it in plastic bags.

The time it takes to completely dry out an attic can vary with each project. We return to the home every day once the equipment is set up to take moisture readings. Once the levels go back to what they were before they got wet, we remove our air moving and dehumidification systems. If water ever gets into your attic or any other tight spot in your residence, call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches at (727) 391-6212 any day of the week.

Removing Odors During Fire Damage Restoration in Seminole Stores

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

a fire ablaze in a clothes store Dealing with the debris and smoke damage after a fire in your store can be challenging. Bring in our certified team 24/7 for effective cleanup.

Smoke and Fire Damage Is a Substantial Obstacle for Cleaning Seminole Shops

There are multiple layers of fire restoration for your business, and all of these must be addressed before customers can safely return. Some of the crucial mitigation steps that correlate to lingering damages like smoke odors include:

  • Air quality filtering
  • Water removal
  • Content cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

How Do Odors Get Generated?

The combustion process can create many effects that require fire damage restoration for Seminole shops and boutiques. The burning of materials can greatly influence the entire property. The more varied the affected combusted elements, such as plastics and aerosols, the more offensive and hazardous odor damage becomes.

Do Other Damages Amplify Odors?

It is important to note that other aspects of fire damage restoration and repair are connected to the severity and formidable nature of fire loss effects like malodors. Fire debris and ash throughout the building generated by the combustion process can exponentially worsen effects like odors, so this cleanup is vital.

Reducing Malodor Severity

One of the strategies to ensure that later deodorization processes are effective and efficient is to do whatever is necessary to reduce the strength and spread of malodors. The best method of weakening smoke damage is through counteractant products from our supply, like absorbent beads placed throughout the damaged portions of the shop.

Deodorizing Tools

Rounding out the removal of harsh malodors is the application of our effective deodorization equipment. Our tool stock has several neutralizing options, though often the most beneficial for commercial applications is a combination of fogging and hydroxyl machines.

It is often a considerable obstacle to comfortable working and shopping conditions when lingering fire damage odors overwhelm shops and stores. Our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches team of professionals has several strategies to reduce odor severity and ultimately remove it through direct actions. Give us a call today at (727) 391-6212.

When a Mischievous Pet Causes Fire Damage in Seminole

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

dog sitting in chair he tore up Pets can damage furniture as well as start a fire. If you are facing fire damage, contact SERVPRO for remediation as well as preventative tips.

SERVPRO Suggests Fire Prevention Tips When There are Pets in the House

If you are a pet owner in Seminole, you may want to have a pet fire safety plan in place to avoid future tragedy. Indeed, the National Fire Protection Association statistics indicate that pets cause about 1,000 house fires every year. On the other hand, home fires affect approximately 500,000 pets each year -- all the more reason to emphasize pet safety for your household. 

Having a reputable fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO at hand can be helpful in the aftermath of a fire disaster. We have an emergency fire damage response team in Seminole that can respond quickly to your situation. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by the IICRC, and we use industry-standard tools and techniques in every restoration job. 

An excellent way to prevent fire damage is minimizing the exposure of cords to your pets. In addition to being safety hazards (such as causing electrocution when a cat or dog chews on them), electrical cords can short out, spark, and cause a massive fire. Generally, it is advisable to stay away from any damaged cords. 

Rolling and then hiding your cords behind furniture or a more secure location can go a long way towards preventing fire damage caused by pets. If it is not possible to hide the cable, consider unplugging it and then wiping it with a cloth daubed with bitter apple spray. This type of cord cover is highly effective at keeping some pets away. 

At SERVPRO, we receive many cases of house fires started by pets due to burning candles. You can reduce the risk of fire damage by eliminating them or using flameless candles. However, keep in mind that flameless candles use batteries that your pet can chew on, causing a significant digestive upset. If you really need to set the proper mood lighting, be sure to place the candles in the safest locations possible. 

While pets are adorable, they are also mischievous and can accidentally cause house fires when left alone. If tragedy strikes, you can count on SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches to reverse any fire damage sustained. We have an extensive stock of resources that helps us restore your property to preloss conditions quickly and efficiently, "Like it never even happened." Call us today at (727) 391-6212. 

Flood Damage on Electrical Equipment and Insulation After a Flood in Redington Beach

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Florida street Flood damage can be devastating to your home, rely on SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians to deal with the damage.

Rely on an Experienced and Certified Restoration Company for Your Flood Damage Needs

Water alone can be highly damaging to electrical equipment, but floodwater is even more devastating because it contains acids, metals, salts, debris, and many other items in suspension or solution. In the event of a flood, components require immediate flood damage cleanup and drying. The sooner you do this, the better; otherwise, you may incur further damage.

The best way to deal with any flood damage in Redington Beach is to contact a reputable restoration company. With numerous branches across the country and a wealth of experience, SERVPRO has the resources to restore your property to preloss conditions in no time.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are armed with advanced tools and equipment for water extraction, drying, and deodorization, thereby ensuring a smooth restoration process.

In addition to drying out the components, SERVPRO technicians can help dry out the room housing the equipment. Failure to do this can cause the dry parts to reabsorb unnecessary moisture due to high humidity conditions. It is essential to maintain low humidity levels in all electrical rooms.

Since flood water is conductive, it can negatively affect your insulation too. Porcelain and certain other types of insulation do not absorb moisture. In this case, our water damage restoration experts can perform simple cleaning to remove residue and get the components back in service. Some types of insulation (for instance, epoxy) contain a naturally glossy finish or may come with an anti-tracking film to block out moisture.

Often, SERVPRO technicians can determine the extent of flood damage on the insulation through a simple visual inspection. Using warm, dry circulating air has effectively removed insulation moisture in many situations. Cellulose insulation quickly absorbs moisture but can be dried out using the same method as other types of insulation. The difficulty is that the contaminants lingering behind can produce particle discharge activity, which ultimately decreases operating lifetime.

When a flood hits your home, it can cause irreversible damage to valuable items, including your electrical appliances. Contact SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches to deal with the flood damage as soon as it happens. We are available 24/7 at (727) 391-6212.

Seminole Storms Require Fast, Efficient Cleanup

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

blue tarps on sections of roof High wind can damage your home as much as rain. SERVPRO provides emergency board up and tarping services.

SERVPRO Storm Cleanup Gets Your Seminole Property Back to Normal Fast

Regardless of the storm front that comes through the Seminole area, you can never guarantee your home will come out unscathed. When high winds are part of the equation, you could end up with broken roof tiles or a leaking roof from storms that leave you with damage that must get addressed soon. Rather than taking on the added stress of trying to repair the issues on your own, squash the idea of DIY and look to SERVPRO for skilled restoration and storm cleanup services.

Why SERVPRO for Storm Cleanup in Seminole?

No matter the disaster, our storm response team of emergency technicians arrives at your Seminole door within hours of your call. We are here for assistance whenever you need it, including:

  • Emergency services water damage repair
  • Board up and tarping for securing your property
  • Addressing your leaking roof from storms
  • Handling broken windows
  • Water removal services to extract floodwaters

Depending on the composition of your home, you could have areas difficult to reach, which limits our use of most conventional drying equipment. The good news is our technicians have access to a full range of tools in our Green Fleet of vehicles that allow us to get to even the most challenging spaces for storm damage cleanup, drying, and repair. We also bring portable generators out for any situation that requires them.

Controlled demolition for your storm damage may involve:

  • Repairs to your structure, roofing, and interior elements
  • Removal of wet drywall, ceiling insulation, and more

We must adjust as needed to reach our established drying goals. We work to reduce moisture content in your roof assemblies and rafters while restoring relative humidity (RH) throughout your interior.

Storm cleanup with the help of SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches gets you results fast. To have our team dispatched to your property, give us a call 24/7 at (727) 391-6212.

Burst Pipes and Flood Damage at Your North Redington Beach Business

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle in front of multistory building Always watch for signs of moisture and leaks in your business and call SERVPRO at the first sign of water damage.

SERVPRO Handles Flood Damage with Precision in North Redington Beach

Whether you experience burst pipes or a significant leak overnight, the last thing you need to worry about is water flooding your North Redington Beach commercial building or office. Water damage not only impacts flooring and drywall, but it can also send contaminants throughout your building’s structure – this is especially true if you have chemicals and other biohazards in your building that the water may have taken on. The structural materials may also become compromised depending on the level of floodwater. SERVPRO is there for commercial properties that require water removal services and restoration!

Why would pipes burst and cause flood damage in North Redington Beach? There could be several reasons regardless of the type of piping your facility has, including copper, PVC, iron, and other kinds. These are some of the reasons a pipe could burst and cause flood damage:

  • Corrosion –Many buildings will have metal piping, usually made with copper or galvanized iron. Even with the cleanest water, minerals can eat away at the galvanized coating and expose the iron. After this happens, the metal rusts and causes the inside of the pipe to become narrow. It can then become susceptible to pressure and fail.
  • Pipe Movement –The clips or brackets securing pipes can loosen over time. If you turn off the water and hear a banging or knocking sound, this is known as a “water hammer.” The lines will often move around due to the sudden stoppage, weakening joints and parts over time.
  • Water Pressure –Water pipes can only handle a certain pressure level. PSI that gets too high can cause the piping to burst along the side or at the weakest points.

When you notice a burst pipe at your facility or offices, shut off the water source and the electricity to that area to limit the danger. Then contact our crew at SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches by calling (727) 391-6212, and we can get to work as soon as possible.