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SERVPRO Are The Professionals To Call When Water Damage Strikes Your Business

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Are The Professionals To Call When Water Damage Strikes Your Business Our team has the tools and experience to mitigate water damage "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage Services In Redington Beach Can Restore Your Business

The main water line to the sink in the bathroom of your party supply shop broke overnight, and now water stands on the floor in the bathroom and storage area. Luckily, there are only a few inches of excess water. Contacting professionals can get you back in full operation fast. A quick response is essential to eliminating extensive damage to the floor and the contents kept inside the storeroom.

Our trained SERVPRO commercial water damage team in Redington Beach can handle these kinds of situations. We know that you rely on a steady flow of customers to make a profit. Fortunately, it appears that your store can remain open while our team works in the back areas of the shop. However, our technicians may ask you to shut-down business operations at any time during the restoration period.

Our SERVPRO technicians can employ vacuums, pumps or portable extractors to remove the water fast. When drying the affected areas, there are several pieces of equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers and axial fans our team can use to eliminate moisture quickly. These industrial machines dry the atmosphere fast and help increase moisture evaporation inside the structure, which also speeds up drying. It is our goal to get businesses back in operation as soon as possible and to achieve that goal with minimal disruption to daily routines.

If we deem it necessary to pack-out some of the contents in the storeroom, you can expect our skilled crew to categorize every item carefully they remove. Plus, we can tag and use a bar-code system to keep an accurate track of all contents we take from the store. Having accurate records of the merchandise we pack-out can also help with your insurance claim. You can depend on us to safely store your contents in a secure location on or off-site until we complete the restoration.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When possible, SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches commercial water damage restoration services can return your business to its preloss condition. Call us 24/7 at (727) 391-6212. We are always here to help.

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Proven Tips to Prevent Mold After Water Damage in Redington Shores Homes

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Proven Tips to Prevent Mold After Water Damage in Redington Shores Homes A continuous water leak can cause not only water damage but a mold infestation as well. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Four Signs of Water Damage Redington Shores Residents Should Look For

As a Redington Shores homeowner, it is not easy finding water damage in your home. In fact, underlying problems causing damage to your home go undetected for a long time. To protect your family and home, here are four signs of water damage.

Do you smell mold odor in your home? One sign of water damage in your Redington Shores home is mold odor. Mold spores spread through the air and reproduce under suitable conditions. They include the presence of moisture, food and the right temperature.

Can you also see patches of mold on your ceiling or walls? If you can, then you have an underlying mold growth problem. Small mold patches are a clear sign of the presence of moisture. Faulty plumbing or a faulty appliance like a dishwasher may be the problem. The presence of small patches of mold also means the sign of a much larger mold colony hidden away from view.

Puddle of water
If your pipe or faulty appliance is leaking, you might find a puddle of water. Cleaning the puddle is the first thing that comes to mind. Afterward, call a plumber. Doing so helps to make sure that any pipe leak or faulty appliance is found and repaired to prevent further leaking.

Paint discoloration
Are there signs of paint discoloration in your home? Well, this is a clear sign of moisture in your walls. Dew forms in unheated areas of your home. As a result, mildew grows resulting in paint discoloration.

The sound of dripping water
If you hear sounds of dripping water, then your home may be a victim of water damage. The sound of dripping water in your home is as a result of a faulty plumbing system or faulty appliance. It is wise to have the problem checked by a professional plumber.

At SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches, we can locate signs of water damage dry and restore your home. If you detect signs of water damage in your home, call our 24/7 emergency line at (727) 391-6212.

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Smoky Fires in Pinellas County Bathrooms Can Curl Your Hair--Call SERVPRO, the Professional Straightener

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smoky Fires in Pinellas County Bathrooms Can Curl Your Hair--Call SERVPRO, the Professional Straightener Pinellas County Faulty Electrical Incidents Often Lead to Fire and Smoke Damage.

A Faulty Hair Straightener Can Cause a Fire inside Your Pinellas County Home

Everyone needs to get ready before work, but when your morning routine causes fire damage inside of your bathroom and burns through your hair care products, your morning can become quite overwhelming. Leaving the hair straightener to heat up while you get dressed seems like a reasonable thing, and in most regards it is harmless. In fact, many people do this.
However, faulty wiring inside your device, or a faulty outlet, can create fire damage inside your Pinellas County home. The fire can burn through and melt the plastic pieces on your hair straightener, fusing them onto your sink. Additionally, the fire can spread to your hair care products, turning them into a bubbling and burnt mess. The fire is easy enough to put out but, by that time, your sink has already been covered in char and soot stains.
Your bathroom now has a foul odor from the fire. Additionally, the sink is stained black in places from the burned material. In this situation, calling for professional remediation services as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for your home.
When you call SERVPRO, our technicians make it a priority to travel to your residence swiftly. After our initial investigation, our IICRC-certified techs can use chemical, lubricative, or abrasive cleaning methods on your sink to help lift the char stains. Sometimes, SERVPRO can decide to try abrasive methods first, to remove any dry and flaky soot materials. If solvents are added to dry bits of soot, the soot can absorb it and become harder to clean. Afterward, SERVPRO can apply chemical solutions to help lift and wipe away the stains from your sink.
The first and last steps that SERVPRO techs can do for your home is to use a ULV fogger to address the malodor left behind by the fire.  The device dispenses a solution as a fog that is engineered to tackle the very particles that cause the undesirable odor and neutralize them. We also, upon arriving, sealed the bathroom and vent to prevent the circulation of smoky odors to unaffected regions of the home. In some instances, we can set up a hydroxyl generator to further grapple with the bad odors.
If a faulty cosmetic device causes fire damage inside of your home, do not let yourself hesitate. Use your phone to dial SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches  (727) 391-6212. No matter the day or the time, we're are always open to assist you.

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Commercial Flood Damage And Your Redington Beach Nail Salon

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage And Your Redington Beach Nail Salon Your nail salon can suffer long-lasting and highly detrimental effects in circumstances involving commercial flood damage.

Commercial Flood Damage

Small businesses in Redington Beach can sustain costly damage from severe weather events, and in many cases, small business owners find it much more challenging to recover afterward than larger businesses. If small businesses want to recover after these disasters, they must prepare for such possibilities beforehand. A lack of preparedness can mean failure for smaller businesses and sole proprietorships.

Your nail salon in Redington Beach can suffer long-lasting and highly detrimental effects in circumstances involving commercial flood damage. The harm brought on by a devastating situation like flooding can cause an unprepared business to close forever, costing you all your hard work, leaving your employees jobless, and disappointing your clients. National Preparedness Month is this September, and we at SERVPRO want to help all businesses in our community, including yours, learn how to become more likely to withstand disasters.

The site holds several tips for businesses that can make remaining in business easier to achieve after a disaster. SERVPRO also has a free service to help you prepare for flooding and the damage it can cause, as well as other disasters like fire. If you need assistance, we can help you in completing the READY Plan Profile. Preparing for disasters does not mean they can never happen, but being prepared means you add time to your side, lessening the damaging effects sustained.

The technicians at SERVPRO train intensively to earn certifications from the IICRC. When we arrive at your nail salon, we come prepared to mitigate the damage and clean up the effects of flood damage. We work as quickly as possible to keep damage from spreading. This happens easily because of evaporation and condensation.

Extracting the moisture from your entire salon includes office spaces, bathrooms, and storage areas. Cavities and dead spaces can also hold copious amounts of hidden water. We use moisture readers to locate these areas, as well as continually monitor the air's water vapor load.

Your preparation for such debilitating disasters increases our effectiveness significantly. SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is always ready to mitigate flood damage after it occurs in Madeira Beach and Indian Shores. Call us at (727) 391-6212 when you need our services.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Pinellas County Homes

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration in Pinellas County Homes Recovering after a fire can be tough. Call SERVPRO to help mitigate the situation and restore your home.

Team SERVPRO Offers Many Restorative Services After a Fire

Pinellas County homeowners usually keep an eye out for storm season, but this time of year is also the end of the worst time for fires breaking out. Many residents also slowly forget about the need to keep dryer vents clear of lint and dirt or failing to watch out for kitchen fires.

Remediating Pinellas County fire damage can be simple like cleaning smoke residues from the kitchen ceiling or demolishing and removing structural and personal property. SERVPRO technicians have the experience, training, and tools needed to restore any home in our area.
Removing residues is a key point to restore a home. Cleaning them away or removing damaged items eliminates a primary source of odors from the home while preparing the interior for further work. Residues are either dry or wet, depending on what burned, the temperature, and how quickly it burned as well. A hot, fast fire burns most property cleanly and evenly, leaving behind a dry, powdery residue that our technicians can wipe off most surfaces with a cloth or sponge. If it is very thick, they may require a mild cleaning solution to break it up for easier removal.
When a fire burns slowly at a lower temperature, items do not burn evenly, leaving behind thicker, wet residues. These require stronger cleaning agents to remove them. If the wet residues are on brick or rock surfaces like a fireplace or an outside deck, SERVPRO technicians use a wire brush to dig them out for removal and then clean the surfaces.
Although we are not a general contractor, our technicians can demolish and remove building materials like drywall panels and wood framing. Each one is trained to handle burned, or smoke damaged property to avoid spreading contaminated material to unaffected parts of the home.
With the damage removed, team members can swiftly install new wall framing and then quickly hang new, clean drywall. Our personnel can paint the new panels to match the original color or apply a different one according to the homeowner’s wishes.
The goal for SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is to restore every home after a fire. If you need our services, call us today at (727) 391-6212 with any questions or to set up a visit and get started on returning your home and life to normal.

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Redington Beach Water Damage from Appliance Failure Requires Restoration

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Redington Beach Water Damage from Appliance Failure Requires Restoration When appliances fail, water damage can be one of the results. Contact SERVPRO to dry out your property after an incident.

Team SERVPRO Fully Understands That Some Water Damage Can Remain Hidden From Sight

Appliances have undoubtedly made life more comfortable for the residents of Redington Beach, but that does not mean that they do not come with their own share of potential risks and threats. Most homeowners opt to avoid routine maintenance and preventative care for their appliances when they cannot foresee a problem. This fact ultimately leads to the wear and eventual failure of the appliance. In some instances, this could cause much damage to face.

Many homeowners might determine that some water damage in their Redington Beach home is no significant cause for alarm. Most people believe that mopping up the damage and drying what they can see is a sufficient approach to correcting the problem, but water damage rarely if ever stays where it can readily get cleaned up and dried. Most find that they require specialized equipment to reach the farthest extent of the water damage to their home, and this is made available through hiring out professional restoration services like our SERVPRO team.

One of the reasons that you should consider professional restoration in the first place is the thorough approach to the cleanup and drying of water damage throughout your home. While it might be simple to spot the bulk of the pooling water and moisture throughout the affected area, it is the moisture and dampness that you cannot see that can cause the most extensive damages to the structure and stability of your home.

Another reason that you want to choose our SERVPRO team is the industry-leading equipment that we utilize on the restoration jobs that we do. Our technicians can identify the presence of moisture and dampness through walls to prevent unnecessary demolition, but also can minimize invasiveness by using tools like our injectidry system to clear up moisture and dampness found in wall cavities.

Too many times, homeowners attempt to take care of seemingly small water damage incidents on their own, only to find that the job did not get done adequately enough to prevent the lingering effects. To avoid structural weakening or even secondary concerns like mold growth, it is recommended to trust the experience and rapid response of our SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches technicians. You can reach us anytime by calling (727) 391-6212.

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Seek Help To Overcome Frustrations Of Flood Damage In Seminole

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Seek Help To Overcome Frustrations Of Flood Damage In Seminole Dealing with flooding, whether caused by a major weather event such as a hurricane or a failed drainage system, can be frustrating.

Flood Damage In Your Home

Dealing with flooding, whether caused by a major weather event such as a hurricane or a failed drainage system, can be frustrating. The fact that even a few inches of water can cause considerable damage to the structure as well as contents in a house only worsens the situation. Seeking help from a professional could make it easier for you to cope with the loss because we can tackle different aspects of the problem at the same time.

Depending on the level of flood damage in your Seminole property, we can start by moving out the contents in the affected areas. Pack-outs might not always be necessary, but they help clear the way for other mitigation efforts like cleanup and drying. In addition to moving valuable items, our team from SERVPRO can separate what needs salvaging and what is contaminated enough to be thrown out, immediately when we start the process. Since speed is essential in the recovery of flood-damaged properties, these simple steps help make a difference in the outcome.

One of the keys to proper mitigation in cases of flood damage is how effective the water removal process is. Our SERVPRO technicians come equipped with extraction wands and pumps for clearing standing water in open spaces. We also have special extraction tools like the injectidry system, which can remove water from wall cavities. Fast extraction of water helps protect the property from structural damages and limits chances of microbial growth. If such problems are left to develop, they can be hard to eliminate.

Contamination is another great cause for concern during a flooding incident, especially if there is sewage residue in the water. When our SERVPRO technicians clean up your damaged property, we use various cleaning agents that help deal with the contamination. We have a wide variety of disinfectants, sanitizers, sterilants and antimicrobial agents to choose from, so it is possible to deal with different forms of contamination.

When you call SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches, our team works with you to find a positive solution. You can reach us at (727) 391-6212 any time of the day.

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Mold Damage In Your Pinellas County Kitchen And Bathroom Areas

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage In Your Pinellas County Kitchen And Bathroom Areas Two common locations you might encounter mold growth in your home under these conditions are the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Mold Damage In Your Kitchen And Bathroom Areas

As a homeowner, you strive to do all that you can to preserve not only your Pinellas County property but to keep the occupants of this house safe as well. While many threats can present themselves throughout the time you live in any home, none can spread as quickly or as alarmingly as fungus. It is often believed that these kinds of occurrences only happen in dank basements and crawlspaces, but this is not always the case.

While crawlspaces are often a source for mold damages in Pinellas County homes, SERVPRO professionals have found it just as likely to see these colonies in rooms that are moisture-ridden and poorly ventilated. Two common locations you might encounter mold growth in your home under these conditions are the bathroom and kitchen areas. These often contend with a lot of persistent moisture, especially when there is inadequate or non-existent ventilation available.

Federal building code regulations for commercial and residential structures suggest that ventilation is not a requirement when an accessible window is installed in the room. While windows can remove some of this stagnant and damp air, it often lacks the force to physically pull this threat to the exterior of your home like an actual vacuum system might. The result can be the seating and colonization of present mold spores on organic surfaces like drywall and wood.

Remediation of this threat is something that any homeowner should take very seriously. Not only can mold colonies lead to potential health effects for those exposed, but such a high traffic area like the bathroom and kitchen can also lead to more constant exposure and worsening health risks. SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians can help to isolate this area and work efficiently to resolve this issue.

You might not always consider the possibility of mold growth in your home, but you should have a plan in place to contend with this threat should it arise. Our experienced SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches remediation technicians is standing by 24/7 to help at (727) 391-6212.

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We Can Handle Flood Damage Situations in North Redington Beach

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Can Handle Flood Damage Situations in North Redington Beach Flooding can happen without much of a warning. Contact SERVPRO should your home suffer flood damage after an incident.

Team SERVPRO Arrives With the Expertise and Equipment to Dry Out Your Flooded Property

Floods can occur rapidly and at almost any time in North Redington Beach, which can make many homeowners feel uneasy about the security of their home. Residents in the area can feel comfortable knowing that we are close by and are here to help. Before our techs can begin work at your home, you must sign the “Service Authorization Form.” Doing so allows us to take action right away. We do not know what your insurance covers. It is important to stress that homeowners are financially responsible for the services we provide. If we do not verify insurance coverage when we arrive at your residence, you may have to pay an additional deposit.
Our SERVPRO techs can then proceed to assess the flood damage in your North Redington Beach home. They first identify the source of moisture by using meters and probes and other equipment. Our crew must stop the source of water flowing into your home before they begin the restoration period. The team checks and identifies the type and classification of water damage to make sure they properly restore your property. The level of contamination determines the restoration processes we employ. Flood waters are always black water when it enters your home from the outside. Chemicals, pesticides, road debris, animal carcasses, stream overflow flotsam, and many more things contaminate the water, which is why calling a professional is essential for your safety. Our team can inspect your residence and test the affected areas to determine the level of damage and how far the moisture has migrated into your home. Also, the crew can check for safety issues.
The techs also check for and identify signs of visible mold growth such as moldy smells. If extensive mold is present, the team may have to consult with your insurance adjuster before going forward with the job. The team may also move furniture and items in the home and block them to help keep rust or furniture stains from forming on your wet carpeting. We may also utilize deodorizers or use antimicrobial treatments to remove mold odors. The team also checks the floors and walls as well as the carpeting, padding, and subfloors for the level of moisture. Before we dispose of any materials in the home such as carpeting, we check with you and work with your adjuster.
SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches is here to assist whenever you have flood damage in your home. Contact us at (727) 391-6212 at any time.
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The Best Way To Deal With Mold Damage In Your Redington Beach Bathroom

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Best Way To Deal With Mold Damage In Your Redington Beach Bathroom Our bathrooms are vulnerable to mold damage because they are usually warm and wet – conditions favorable for mold growth.

The Best Way To Deal With Bathroom Mold Damage

Our bathrooms are vulnerable to mold damage because they are usually warm and wet – conditions favorable for mold growth. Apart from the damage it causes, mold can lead to health effects, and there is a need to remove the mold as soon as you can and prevent exposure to your loved ones. Tearing all the tiles covered with the mold growth is not the best option, there are safety precautions that professionals observe when dealing with such situations in Redington Beach.

Sometimes it is not possible to trace mold damage in your Redington Beach bathroom since it can grow in hidden places. Our SERVPRO technicians have the experience and know the popular areas to locate the mold. We can check under the sink, tub, toilet, and other areas. If it is growing on porous materials such as shower curtains, rugs, and similar items, it can be challenging to do the cleaning adequately. In such cases, we discard and advise you to replace the items. The same applies when the mold is growing on carpets, drywall, and wallpapers.

Our SERVPRO technicians use sturdy plastic bags to enclose the materials we remove from your bathroom. Since there is a possibility of the mold spreading to clean areas within the structure, we begin by containing the area. For instance, we can use duct tape and heavy plastic sheeting to cover the HVAC system's air vents so that the mold spores do not enter. Establishing a negative pressure and surrounding the area with some plastic sheeting are part for the containment measures.

After removing the mold from your bathroom, allow our SERVPRO team to inspect the entire structure for mold. The spores are so light and can spread quickly from one part of the structure to another. So do not be surprised if we discover some mold growth in a different room.

At SERVPRO of Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches, we have the right expertise to handle Any Size Disaster whether it is storm, mold, fire, or water damage related. Call us at (727) 391-6212 and learn more about the 24-hour emergency services that we offer.

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